What is the Jipyeong ?

We Introduced this foliar nutrient liquid fertilizer is sprayed on the leaves without adding it to the ground, thereby absorbing the nutrients required by the plant. This minimizes the number of agrochemicals leaching into the soil and allows for a more vigorous microbial activity to be passed on to future generations with higher-quality soil. A liquid chemical fertilizer with very high nitrogen content (18%) that does not contain harmful heavy metals imported from Korea.


Jipyong Fertilizer is a special nano-nitrogen liquid fertilizer that contains all the nutrients required for plant growth and fruiting, manufactured in South Korea.
Jipyeong Nano Nitrogen Liquid Fertilizer is suitable for all crops, especially paddy cultivation, corn cultivation, vegetables, fruits, etc. It is possible to meet the nitrogen requirement of cultivation and provide balanced nutrition to the plant and get more productivity through the Jipyeong fertilizer itself.
Can be used during the growing season of paddy cultivation.
can be used every fourteen days For the vegetables.

  • Produced by South Korean Nongbueh Co ltd.
  • A balanced foliar nutrient liquid.
  • Contains plant nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, sulfur, boron, and zinc.
  • Can be used for all crops.

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