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අපි හඳුන්වා දුන් මෙම පත්‍ර පෝෂක දියර පොහොර පොළවට එකතු නොකර පත්‍ර මත ඉසින අතර එමඟින් ශාකයට අවශ්‍ය පෝෂ්‍ය පදාර්ථ අවශෝෂණය කරයි. මෙමගින් පසට කාන්දු වන කෘෂි රසායන ප්‍රමාණය අවම වන අතර උසස් තත්ත්වයේ පසක් සහිත අනාගත පරපුරට වඩාත් ප්‍රබල ක්ෂුද්‍ර ජීවී ක්‍රියාකාරීත්වයක් ලබා දීමට ඉඩ සලසයි.

Jipyeong Fertilizer

We Introduced this foliar nutrient liquid fertilizer is sprayed on the leaves without adding it to the ground, thereby absorbing the nutrients required by the plant. This minimizes the number of agrochemicals leaching into the soil and allows for a more vigorous microbial activity to be passed on to future generations with higher-quality soil.

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Why Choose Dahamsa Waterlily Filter


5-12 mg/dm3


2-5 mg/dm3


20-25 mg/dm3


~46 mg/dm3




90-140 mg/dm3
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Dahamsa International Pvt Ltd was founded on the ideals of
identifying opportunities of connecting human insights with
the science of craft. We equip our clients with cutting-edge tech
solutions to keep them at the helm of their respective industries.
We achieve this by exceeding expectations in providing
cost-effective end-to-end solutions.
As a client-focused automation organization, we aim to build
long-standing and mutually beneficial relationships with all our
clients, business partners, and employees.
Our staff regularly engage in systematic training to stay adept in
current technologies and methods, enabling them to maintain a
the constantly progressive mindset with all developments and provide
our clients with a superior level of service.
Our teams are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and
knowledge to tackle the projects we undertake, ensuring all our
clients’ expectations are met.

With direct piping and 4 stage filtering process
Full Controll
Healthy Composition
4 Filtration Stages
Quality certificates

How we extract water

Multi-Stage Filtration undergoes a four-step process:
The removal of physical particles
– The removal of chemical content and bacteria
– The elimination of odor and polishing
– The “remineralizing” and enhancement of the water

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Mihira Sirithilaka

Director Media

Dasun Pathirana

Head Of Project

Nuwan Jayasekara

General Manager | Director

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ජලය පානයෙන් තොරව කිසිවෙකුටත් ජීවත් විය නොහැකි ය.

ජලය පානයෙන් තොරව කිසිවෙකුටත් ජීවත් විය නොහැකි ය. ඒ අනුව බලන විට ‘ජලය’ යනු, මිනිස් සිරුරට අත්‍යවශ්‍ය ද්‍රව්‍යයකි. ඒ මන්ද යත්, ජලයේ ...

July 8, 2021
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